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Using a Jointer (continued)
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Jointing Extra-Wide Stock

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Figure 6-7. The high fence extension provides extra support when you are jointing extra-wide stock.

Wide boards that project sign ificantly above the top of the fence require careful handling so they won't tilt as you make the pass. The best way to joint extrawide stock is to equip the jointer with an extra-high (even extra-long) fence extension that you can bolt in place using the two holes that are in the fence.

Jointing passes are then made in normal fashion but with extra support provided by the fence extension to keep the stock from tilting (Figure 6-7).

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Figure 6-8. Construction details of a fence extension. Click on image for larger view.

Figure 6-8 shows how the fence extension is made. The height may vary according to its intended use. For example, a high fence is very helpful for jointing wide boards because it makes it easier to be sure the face is flat on the fence, and the edge is therefore going to be cut square to the fence.

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