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Using a Jointer (continued)
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Jointer Safety

Warning: Before using the jointer, read and understand these important safety instructions:

Danger Zone-The jointer danger zone is 3" out from the cutterhead and knives and 8' directly in front of the cutterhead. When you use the jointer, stand to the left of the machine (opposite the drive shaft) and keep your hands away from the knives.

  • Always wear proper eye and ear protection.
  • Never remove the guards to increase the capacity.
  • Use a push stick or push block to move stock past the cutterhead especially when the stock is lower than the top of the fence.
  • Never remove more than 1/8" at a time when edge jointing or 1/16" when surfacing.
  • Always lock the fence. If your jointer is mounted on the Mark V, secure the accessory mount lock, power plant lock and the eccentric mounting tubes.
  • Never joint or surface stock less than 10" long or more than 4" wide, edge rabbet stock wider than 1", surface stock less than 1/4" thick or joint the end grain of stock less than 10 "wide.
  • Never joint 'secondhand' lumber. You could be hit by pieces of nails, screws, etc. Also, never joint or surface painted or dirty wood, plywood, particle board or other hard materials.
  • Support long stock with roller stand(s).
  • Turn off the power before making any adjustment, tightening the accessory mount lock or clearing wood chips.
  • If an unusual noise, vibration or uneven cut occurs, turn off the jointer and check the wedge locking screws immediately.
  • When using the saw-jointer combination, make sure the upper and lower saw guards are mounted on the Mark V.
  • Knives that have been reground to less than 11/16" (.6875") wide should not be used.
  • Use only Shopsmith Jointer knives in the Shopsmith Jointer. Other brands of knives are not wedge-shaped and will not seat properly in the cutterhead. Using other brands of knives is very dangerous.
  • If you're using a Shopsmith Power Stand, be sure you're using the proper pulley and belt combination and that the pulley and belt are properly guarded.

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