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Using a Jointer (continued)
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Setting Depth of Cut

Never try to remove more than 1/8" at a time when edge jointing or 1/16" When surfacing. If you follow this rule, you'll get a much smoother cut and waste less wood. Most finishing cuts on the jointer are made with settings of 1/32" or less.

The 3/8" maximum setting is used only for special operations such as rabbeting (even then the stock must be removed in several shallow cuts).

When you set the depth of cut, always make your adjustment from a greater to a lesser depth. For instance, if the jointer is set to cut 1/16" deep, but you want it to cut 1/8" deep, turn the adjustment knob clockwise until the pointer goes past the 1/8" mark on the depth-of-cut scale. Then turn the knob counterclockwise until the pointer rests on the 1/8" mark.

This maneuver takes up any "slack" in the depth-of-cut adjustment mechanism. If you don't set the depth of cut from greater to lesser, there's a good chance the infeed table will move slightly during the pass and you'll get an uneven cut.


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