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Using a Jointer (continued)
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Bevel Cuts

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Figure 6-17. Bevels are formed with the fence tilted over the knives.

By tilting the jointer fence, you can make smooth, accurate angular cuts for a variety of projects (Figure 6-17). Be sure the machine is off; then push the fence lock handle in and unlock the fence tilt. Adjust the fence to the desired angle, and relock the fence securely.

Whenever possible, work with a closed angle fence tilted over the knives, because it's easier to prevent slips and loss of control with this setup. Take shallow cuts with each pass. The face of the bevel will get wider with each cut; eventually reaching across the edge. However, if the stock is thick, the fence may have to be tilted backwards so it forms an open angle with the tables. Warning: When the fence is tilted backwards work with extreme caution. Hold the stock so it won't slide out from under your hands. Use push blocks to move the stock.


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